Dungeons&Dolls English Release

Original title: dungeons&dolls
Genre: Dungeon Crawler RPG +18
Year: Japan 2004-12-17
Developer: Alice Soft
Publishers: Alice Soft
2.0 Translations:
Translation and Editing: Ludo-Rathowm, Roven-Pan, and Tulip Goddess Maria
Graphics Editing: Vodka
Engineering and Technical Help: Sandrio
Language: English

Somewhere there exist an infinite dungeon, with endless hoards of monsters residing in it. Because of some magic, any adventurer entering it will start at level 1, and no one has managed to complete the dungeon.
An alchemist tried to deal with this issue, and created a Doll, the ultimate support partner.
As the apprentice of the alchemist, you shall bring along the Doll and discover the mysteries of the dungeon.
Source: Alice Wikia

1.This is a version with renamed files for those who have problems with or don’t want to install AppLocale or use Japanese language for non-Unicode programs.
2.The game is tested without AppLocale and Japanese language for non-Unicode programs and working.
3.In this game, you can customize both your name and the name of the doll. However, if you tell the doll to call you the default name, Master, a few oddities can occur, such as other people referring to you as Master as if it were your name.


Download Dungeons_Dolls_-_XXX_GAME.part1.rar from fboom.me (400.00 MB)
Download Dungeons_Dolls_-_XXX_GAME.part2.rar from fboom.me (365.18 MB)

Download file – 400.0 MB
Download file – 365.2 MB

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