Medschool, Love and Friends v0.7 [Walkius]

Medschool, Love and Friends v0.7 [Walkius]

Medschool, Love and Friends v0.7 Walkius

Years after the first game, explore the life of a new medicine intern. College, hospital, home, evolve in this sandbox as you want. More real choices, a lot of character (old and new), less grinding. Enjoy this game, enhanced since the old one.​

– The name of this game will be Medschool, Love and Friends.
– The story will take place in the same world than School, Love and Friends.
– The main character (you) is Martin from School, Love and Friends.
– The main hub will be your own house that you’ll share with your room mate.
– Less grinding than SLF.
– One part of your day is to go to the medschool.
– There will be young and less young characters.
– You can follow a story directly from the HUD

Changelog: v0.7
– Main event: after Fen (your best friend little sister’s), living with you and Rudy, another person will join you, a member of your family. Maybe she will live with you too, and her presence will unlock a lot of new situations, including with other characters. And you will also discover the heavy secret in your family.
– Hospital: a part that I wanted to add for a long time: hospitalization. From now on, you could do consultations and find the diagnosis thanks to a lot of examinations. The hospitalization unit will work differently. This is a new base to make you feel like a real young doctor.
– Hospital: new consultations are available.
– Side event, Fen: after moving in, Fen will have her own event. It will be separate into two distinct parts: one will focus on Fen and her friends, the other one on Fen and her boyfriend, with a choice to make. There will be no good or bad choice, just the one you want that will lead you to different scenes in future updates.
– Side event, Lisa and Amy: your tutoring will continue, and now it’s time to learn more about Amy and her boyfriend. Will you help her to get rid of him, or will you focus on the sweet Lisa? Why do you have to choose? Do both!
– Side event, internship: a new intern, not from your school, will join you in the medicine unit. Make her your friend, learn about this particular girl and share your difficulties.
– A new party scene with your class.
– Rudy will now have a sex life too, bringing girls home to have sex with them.


Updated: 20-January-2023
Genre: Voyeurism, Big ass, Big boobs, Sandbox,Vaginal sex,All sex
Censorship: None
Developer: Walkius
Version: 0.7
OS: Windows
Language: English
Size: 1.06 GB


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