Interns Of Ecstasy Island – version 0.080 – Update

Interns Of Ecstasy Island [v0.080] [Usagitriplesix]

Adult Porn-Game

Updated: 30,April , 2018
Genre: 3DCG, Male Protagonist, Female Protagonist, Lesbian, Submission, Transformation, Oral Sex, Handjob, Adult Game,Porn Game
Censorship: None
Developer/Publisher: UsagiTripleSix
Version: 0.080
Platform: Windows
Language: English

You play as a fairly average American college student, ending his third year at the university. All your friends are talking about a summer internship opportunity they discovered. They figure, if you need to get some work experience during the break anyway, why not do it at a tropical resort? You submit your application, get accepted, and, when you arrive, find that it’s everything you could have imagined…but nothing you expected!

Chanelog: 0.80
• Tanning system is implemented! That includes the ability to get sunburned, too. There are zero consequences for any of it, however, but your sunscreen choices are “technically” meaningful now.
• Began incorporating alcohol system into scenes where appropriate. The “drunk sex” event now uses this system, rather than going by drink count. (PC’s alcohol tolerance is now determined by choices made in the first few days of the game.)
• “Passive” lust and arousal is working. This is basically the part of the cycle that doesn’t involve any external stimulus and is intended to simulate a normal sex drive. (The fun part should come when the game starts messing with it…)
• Visual effects have been added for high arousal or inebriation states.
• Placeholder “Avatar” images have been added. Not every mirror CG has this though, but some will start reflecting the PC’s body changes.
• New body transformation method added.
• Some brief follow-up events and consequences added to the jellyfish sting scene.
• Some additional “hot water” blurbs added (for the sake of variety) along with code to play them.
• New stat has been added for tracking the PC’s mental adjustment; whether he sees himself as a man trapped in a woman’s body, or she’s a girl who barely remembers being a guy. There are no in-game consequences for these values yet.
• Created updated sprites for Cynthia, Dan, Steve, Joan, Rodney, Kelly, Tatum, Palmer, Kelly and the nurse
• Various bugfixes (because there are always more bugs)

Known Issues:
• Not every image has the “avatar system” code! Many just reuse the same images. This will all be expanded on going forward.
• Not all versions of the “hips” avatar image display properly.
• Laila/Palmer CGs are still in progress. Some are still missing.
• Joan camera event CGs are missing (there’s a placeholder for now).
• The latest porn channel event has no CGs yet.
• Events that trigger lust are still using the old version of the code and don’t work properly yet.
• No sunburn notifications or consequences yet. No hangover effects, either.