ANGELICA ORIGINS – Version 0.6.2 [Kelo Games]

ANGELICA ORIGINS – Version 0.6.2 [Kelo Games]

Angelica Origins, is a story about Angelica and her origins. Origins of what? The origins of what she will be in the future.
You will follow her story from when everything will start to change in her life: she’s a common girl in her last year of high school, she likes to study, to use pc, watching movie and tv series. She lives with Rita, her mother. She doesn’t know much about her father and she has a boyfriend named Simone. Her best friend in high school is Alessia and other friends are Erika and Larissa. All these girls are in the same class​

Official Changelog 0.6.2:
-108 new images.

-2 new animations with different versions;

-2 new scenes (1 adult scene and 1 story scene);

-Full gallery updated to day 8;

-Added text corrections by Spushkin (70% of day 7)(70% of day 8);

-Fixed a bug in the dungeon’s minigame (Thanks to MarktheSaint77);

-Added “relationships points” like the old version of the game (Old saves don’t work.)

Some ideas from future updates:

-When you interact with a book in the gallery room, you’ll see a little preview picture in the corner of the game window.


Updated: 04-December-2022
Genre: RPG Adult,Cheating, Interracial, Lesbian, NTR, Voyeur, 3DCG, Female Protagonist, Corruption, Virgin, Innocent, College, Handjob, Oral Sex
Censorship: None
Developer: KeloGames
Version: 0.6.2 + Walkthrough
OS: Windows
Language: English
Size: 2.33 GB
Walkthrough.txt – 2.3 GB
Walkthrough.txt – 33 KB


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