Love, Honor, Betray [Ep.4] [Renio Studios]

Love, Honor, Betray [Ep.4] [Renio Studios]

The story is about a 24 year old woman, Lacey Williamson, a nurse working in a large hospital in the fictional town of Rockingham. While working one day, Lacey becomes caught in a scandal, and is the subject of a twisted blackmailer. How far is Lacey willing to go, and with whom, is up to you.
Lacey is married to 32 year old Ashton, a very successful surgeon who has worked his way up within the hospital to become Director of Surgery. His work keeps him very busy, and he is often away from home, much to Lacey’s disappointment.
There are many side characters, and how their relationship progresses with Lacey is up to you.


Updated: 01-January-2023
Genre: 3DCG, Female Protagonist, big ass, big tits, animated, masturbation, sex toys, lesbian
Censorship: None
Developer/Publisher: Renio Studios
Version: Ep.4
OS: Windows
Language: English
Size: 346 MB – 346.3 MB


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