Lust Epidemic v.99121 [Enable Incest + Guide]

Lust Epidemic v.99121

NLT is creating Adult Games
In Lust Epidemic you play as Brad, a student of East State University as he finds himself stranded at rival college Saint Dame University during a hurricane that has unexpectedly struck your town.
While exploring the ancient and creepy campus grounds you’ll uncover many mysteries and secrets… as well as some sexy fun time with some amazing MILFS!​
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WVM Day 4 (Part 6/6) Release!

WVM Day 4 Complete [Braindropis]

Braindropis creating WVM Adult Porn-Game
You are the top high school recruit in basketball. Because of complications with your family you chose to go to one of the worst schools, WVM. This is a story about the journeys at that college and the relationships made along the way. The main character was left an orphan at a very young age. until a friend of his dad decided to take him in. He grew to love the game of basketball. It helped that he had a natural gift for the game. He is by far the most sought after high school recruit.
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Project X: Love Potion Disaster – v7.8 Alpha

Project X: Love Potion Disaster – Version 7.8 Alpha [Zeta Team]

Zeta Team creating Adult Porn-Game

The player has been captured by Doctor Eggman, alongside several other Mobians, during one of his invasions. Unfortunately, Pili and Mili, two assistants of Dr. Akari who are working on a secret project of a love potion, accidentally drop too much of Dr.Akari’s pheromon in their concoction when their facility rumbles from the chaos Doctor Eggman is ensuing on the city. The project expels a love potion cloud around the world. With hormones rampaging at an unprecedented rate and many of the world’s heroes incapacitated it’s up to the player to get to the source of the issue and save everyone from an unusual fate.​
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Hentai Crush: Love Rhythm – Version 1.0.2

Hentai Crush: Love Rhythm – Version 1.0.2

Triple-S is creating Adult Video Games

Behind the hustle and bustle of Seoul City lies many unqiue stories. It’s revolving love, ambition and even hatred and crime. Let’s follow four piece of little stories which has destined to let you meetup with 3 gourgeous ladies. Be with them when they need you the most and follow the love rhythm to reach their deepest soul.​

Classic casual rhythm game mechanics.
16 main-story songs with vocals and breathtaking beats.
Story with decision making which affect the girls’ impression on you.
English voice-over, gift shop, clothes system and many more.

Disclaimer: All characters are over 18 years old.

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Incubus City – Version 1.9.9 + Cheats

Incubus City – Version 1.9.9 + Cheats [Wape]

Adult Porn-Game

In Incubus City you take the role of a man during a strange week-long change he occasionally experiences. Overcome with the intense desire to impregnate women, he must roam the streets at night seeking fertile wombs to knock up. During these times, he manifests strange abilities like enhanced strength and hypnotism, but the compulsion often drives him to do evil and places his life and freedom in danger.

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Goons Raid Her – Version 0.4.2

Goons Raid Her – Version 0.4.2 [The Architect]

Patreon The Architect is creating Adult Games

This is the official demo version of the new project (title is not definitive). It features an extension to the tech demo where you’ll start to explore the manor and the secrets of the adventurer girl. A guy is hired by her to help in the quest to find an ancient artifact. However, things will get twisted as he learns her secrets and receives another mysterious offer.​
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Fallen Doll – Operation Lovecraft v0.20 Cracked Non VR + VR

Fallen Doll: Operation Lovecraft v0.20 Cracked [Project Helius]
Paralogue – New name “Fallen Doll – Operation Lovecraft”

Project Helius is creating – A real-time 3D erotic adult game with VR

The Paralogue is a series of transitory game builds serving as a full scale upgrade of Fallen Doll and a concept prototype of Fallen Doll’s sequel. As a frontier research and military base revolving Yuggoth, the newly discovered Kuiper belt dwarf planet unbeknownst to human race until late 21 century, Archimedes orbital station harbors a pair of sentient military AI mainframes which can project their sentience unto any synthetic body with a positronic brain: Erika (Electronic Recon-Infiltration Combat Agent) and Alet (Assault-Type Lite)

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This Romantic World – Version 0.04

This Romantic World – Version 0.04 [Reinbach]

Patreon Reinbach is creating an adult game

For about a year and a half now, along with my friend and programmer Kaldonis, I’ve been working on a proof of concept demo for a game set in the world of my comics. It’s been a lot of work to squeeze around our respective paying jobs, but it’s also been a ton of fun to put together.​
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