True Facials – Version 0.39 Extra [HenryTaiwan]

True Facials – Version 0.39 Extra [HenryTaiwan]

You get to cum on the faces of beautiful and lively girls.​

Features & Girls:
– Lara Croft, Cindy Aurum, Samus, Zelda, Ada Wong, Mai Shiranui, D.Va, Mercy, 2B, Elizabeth & Tifa.
– Girls have lively facial expressions and voices.
– Dynamic oral sex at any angle, with bulging throats & cheeks.
– Ejaculations are simulated, every shots are unique!
– New features: head holding, cumstrings & more!

– Lara Croft – Rise of the Tomb Raider
– Mercy – New model with full customizations.
– Pose – Upside down Deepthroat.
– Ongoing – Improving lipsync & facial expressions accuracy.
– Ongoing – Research & building systems for new features.
– Japanese voice lines for Cindy Aurum.
– Lots of tweaks & bug fixes: Tifa’s breasts, overlaps, hair jiggle, mascara…

– Samus Aran – Metroid
– Cindy Aurum – Final Fantasy XV
– Switching between different poses + more free body controls (head, hips, arms…).
– New slider-based menu UI intended for one-handed use, controlling most options of the game (with hotkeys).
– Better customization system – support different clothing states (Ex: torn or ripped) -> most girls have more customization.
– Much more stable penis model.
– Extra: sliders for tweaking auto-mode, size changing including penis, commands added to menu for easy access…
– Lots of improvements on fluid, girl’s looks & under the hood.

Windows 8.1: If the game doesn’t show up after running, use Alt + Enter to enter Fullscreen mode.
Other Fixes: Windows 7 compatibility mode and Run as administrator.

If you encounter problems, please try installing vc_redist.x64.exe
Please refer to the commands.cfg file for more details on commands.


Updated: 23-May-2020
Genre: 3D game, Male protagonist, Parody, Big tits, Animated, Oral Sex, Bukkake
Censorship: None
Developer: HenryTaiwan
Version: 0.39 Extra
OS: Windows
Language: English
Size: 555 MB




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