Pact With A Witch – Premium Version 0.7.4

Pact With A Witch – Premium Version 0.7.4 [jonnymelabo]

Adult PC Game

Updated: 26,Februaryr, 2018
Genre: Interactive, Male Protagonist, jonnymelabo,Gender Bending, Sexy girls, Small tits, Sex, Blowjob, Romance, Date-Sim,
Censorship: None
Developer / Publisher: jonnymelabo
Version: 0.7.4 Premium
Platform: Windows,MAC,Android
Language: English, Spanish

– English version is available.
– Game runs faster.
– In Android version doesn´t crash. (In theory).

– Lot of artwork like MACBA part or First date with Neus in the bar.
– MIni-Game-Sex-Battle with Didac is already inside of the game.
– The way to arrive to that part is also done.
– If you arrive to 5th day you can read the first writing of the new and last day of the game.

Well, at last I could manage to put the mini-game inside the game, so far looks work fine, there´s still an strange bug clicking in the middle of screen while you read the text… weird… I hope to solve it soon.

Mini-game has no translation at all yet, so if you wanna catch anything there, play that part in spanish, even thought there´s a lot of text yet to be implemented, I would really appreciate any kind of feedback about it and if you see any other error, bug or mistake… programming such part had been (and still is) a huge hedache, but I think result is starting to look great.

Now, having this part implemented I can start to write the 5 different ways to start the NEW and LAST day of Pact with a witch. When you get up in the morning and you find Didac there sleeping, doing something else, or even just not being there…

I want first to write those parts so can be translated sooner, before going back to illustrate the park part.

It had been rough months since November after working on the mini-game, (and there´s still much work to do there, mechanics, narrative and pose 02-03), But now everything starts looking a bit much better and getting back to write story and illustrates it´s a relieve for me… I enjoy it a lot. ^^


Download or WATCH ONLINE – 687.3 MB

Download or WATCH ONLINE – 687.3 MB