Fiendish Magical Girl Rinne ~Loathsome Lewd Degeneration~

Fiendish Magical Girl Rinne ~Loathsome Lewd Degeneration~ [English Ver.]

Adult Porn-Game

Release Date: 22-March-2019
Genre: VN, Anal sex, Big tits,2DCG, Gang bang,Female domination, Creampie, Groping, Group sex, Japanes game, Lesbian, Multiple penetration, Monster, Oral sex, Titfuck, Vaginal sex, Multiple penetration, Magical Girl, Tentacle
Censorship: None
Developer: VALKYRIA
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English
Size: 1.03 GB

* The power of magic is all for myself! The world is mine for domination!
An orthodox magical girl adventure carried out by a fiendish magical girl herself!

* The Heroine Rinne is no good at study, nor is she physically gifted.
She is a weak, selfish, jealous girl with poor posture…
and with a communication disability, cannot even talk very well either.
Even so, she has an unusually high level of pride and attempts to
justify her every action with the great pretense that, “It’s not my fault!”
In other words, she’s a bullied type, rotten on the inside… human scum!

To her, every day is agony… and one day, when imagining the destruction of the world…
Capila, a mysterious creature appears before her and bestows her with the power of magic!

But of course, Rinne doesn’t use the power for peace or helping humanity.
No no no, she uses it for herself… for personal gain… for revenge!

Upon gaining power, this human scum becomes… a fiendish, degenerate scumbag!

This is the story of a disgustingly heinous magical girl and her misuse of power!!

* The other heroine that must stop her… is the exact opposite.
Beautiful, with good marks, highly active and physically proficient.
Of course, with a heart of gold. Kindness as deep as the ocean.

Magical girls square off! Heretical vs Orthodox!
The fight between Fiend and Friend of humanity begins here!
A feast of magical madness will unfold before your eyes as
the dark, malicious heart of one girl… exacts all manner of
violation, torment and disgrace upon another!