First Contact 5 – Pleasure Planet

First Contact 5 – Pleasure Planet [GoldenMaster]

Two sex-periments try to escape from an alien laboratory, but only dickgirl Katy manages to get inside a flying saucer and escape. Her piloting skills for alien craft are nil, however, and she ends up landing on another planet… only to discover more aliens!
This pair of aliens are researchers examining plants, but take instant interest in the well-endowed Katy. During their sexual ‘examination’, they end up exciting the local plants and perfuming all of them with libido-inciting drugs. A delicious threesome ensues.
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Unconventional Gym – Parts 1-3 – ErectSociety

Unconventional Gym [Parts 1-3] [ErectSociety]

Adult Porn-Game

Updated: 01-February-2019
Genre: 2DCG, Futanari, Big Tits, Futa On Male, Male on Futa, Male protagonist, Animated, Anal sex, BlowJob, Threesome
Censorship: None
Developer: ErectSociety
Version: Parts 1 to 3 Full
OS: Windows
Language: English
Size: 615 MB

A guy enrolls in a gym with very particular forms of training, rewards and punishments.