Funny Business with My Precious Coach [Final]

Funny Business with My Precious Coach [Final] [Almond Collective]

Solve the puzzle for a chance to see a video. “Anipuzzle Series”!​

“Anipuzzle Series”!Anime Title
Funny Business with My Precious Coach Video length: Approximately 23 mins

A 25-year-old woman who belongs to a volleyball team for working adults in the area. The coach called her to the equipment room because she couldn’t improve her volleyball skills and couldn’t become regular. Actually, the coach has always liked her, and this time as special training, the coach keeps her body in close contact with his in the equipment room. Somehow, the coach finds out that she hasn’t had sex with anyone yet and is worried about it. The coach finally can’t stand his desires and presses against her in the equipment room, before the match. She was aware of the coach’s feelings for herself, and her body gave in.

Game Instructions
Enjoy the game by watching the anime video. A simple puzzle will appear during the video. Once you solve the puzzle you can continue to watch the next scene. There will be a total of 2 puzzles.
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