Fantasyland Kendra – Complete Story (Bundle 1-5)

Fantasyland Kendra – Complete Story (Bundle 1-5) [GonzoStudios]

Allow me to introduce you to Kendra, a half-elf working for bunch of snooty and slightly racist elves at Twin Tower Records (one of the top record companies in Fantasyland). When fate finally offers her a chance to prove herself, she struggles to find a way to promote her only client ‘Drax the Impaler’ an orc ex-porn star with a jaded history. What he lacks in musical ability, he makes up for by being in possession of one of the largest cocks in the business. When a meeting gets out of hand, Kendra finds herself introduced to Drax’s cock and finds out that size really does matter.
Number Of Images: 193 page illustrated story

In a bid to find a way to make her mark on the music industry Kendra finds herself lured towards the shady underworld of the business as she makes deals that take her to dark unexpected places filled with sex and a ‘crazy otherworldly erotic experience’. Then things get out of control as she shoots Drax’s music video and finds out that she wants another go with Drax’s giant orc cock.
Number Of Images: 216 page illustrated story (inc short episode recap)

Kendra continues her journey into the world of monster sex by going wild when her husband is out of town. Only to be surprised to find that when he returns a drunken relation changes the course of there relationship. Dues her husband like monster sex as much as Kendra? And how far is he willing to let her go?
Number Of Images: 233 page illustrated story (inc short episode recap)

After the crazy night at the monster sex club Kendra’s husband takes some rather unorthodox measures to help cure his growing insecurity complex regarding Kendra’s growing addition to monster sex. Then, after a rather pleasant surprise at work Kendra finds herself staring in a kinky sex tape he hopes will propel her client Drax to the number one position in the music charts. Her busy day finally comes to an end with another trip to a monster sex club, but now things are a little different, as this time her husband is the one with the giant monster cock.
Number Of Images: 163 page illustrated story (inc short episode recap)

Kendra’s journey comes to a stunning climax, no spoilers here but we have orc sex in a storeroom, fantasy beauty and the beast breeding, one hell of an afterparty and revenge on her asshole boss
What’s included:

Number Of Images: 132 page illustrated story (inc short episode recap)
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The Fun of Asmodius – Version 3.00e

The Fun of Asmodius (English) [As-key]

A few months after the uproar involving the Holy Sword.
Lizet is called by his teacher, Chloe,
and heads to investigate the archeological site of a city.

I don’t know it’s a trap designed by anyone …
City with archeological sites
A small town once believed to have fallen angel worship.
Although it has flourished in recent years, it has been plagued by nearby demons.

The beginning of the story
Chloe receives a request to investigate and defeat monsters,
and enters the investigation of archeological sites alone …

and a few days later,
a request rises to Chloe and arrives in the city.
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