Venture Seas – Version 2.0 Patreon

Venture Seas – Version 2.0 Patreon [VirtuousDevelopment]

Adult Porn-Game
Venture Seas was not only created out of a personal desire to produce kinky smut, but for a desire to provide engaging game-play.

Design your player character, sail the seas, delve into dungeons, perform strategic card-based combat, buy and sell loot, romance your shipmates, run an on-board brothel, and generally get into erotic situations throughout this deep and intricate experience.
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Girls Hostel: Elisa in Trouble [v0.2.0] [KahVegZul]

Girls Hostel: Elisa in Trouble [v0.2.0] [KahVegZul]

Adult Porn-Game

Updated: 01-July-2018
Genre: Java,Oral sex, Anal sex, Female protagonist,KahVegZul Patreon, Vaginal sex, Group sex, Animation
Censorship: None
Developer/Publisher: KahVegZul
OS: Win, Java 64bit
Version: 0.2.0
Language: English
Size: 199 MB

This is a game in which we help a cute girl get out of the financial crisis.

This is more of an economic game, but you will need to monitor the status of the main character – Elisa.

At your disposal is a hostel that is only for girls. You can try to get out of the crisis honestly and cleanly, or you can be more dirty by selling your (Elisa) body and those who live in her hostel.

Change-Log: v0.2.0
– add a masturbation scene; (done)
– add a scene in the shower; (done)
– add a masturbation scene in the shower; (done)
– add character icons on the map of the house; (done)
– redraw icons (optimally); (done)
– adding interaction with residents; (done)
– acceleration of start / load game; (done)
– change the way of storing dialogs (program part); (done)