Hokagorinkanchudoku (MICONISOMI) – Tatematsu ka go rinkan chuudoku

Hokagorinkanchudoku (MICONISOMI) – Tatematsu ka go rinkan chuudoku

Adult Porn-Game

Release date: 02, December 2016
Genre: SLG, Constructor, 3D, ADV, Creampie, Blowjob, Gang Bang ,Group, Simulation, Bukkake, Big Breasts,Big Tits, Small Tits, Sex Machine, Double Penetration
Censorship: None Uncensor
Developer / Publisher: MICONISOMI (み こ に そ み)
Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: Original (licensed)
Version: 1.0.0
Language: Japanese
Size: 7.50 GB

Hard real-time 3D Gang Bang!
A large quantity of BUKKAKE
You can customize your character
Operation simple with keypad
Finish the game differently to get all the endings with unlocks (boob slider, nipple size, hair colour, clothes, eye colour etc.)

· Hard real time 3D gangbang! Heroines fiddled with multiple men!
· Massive bukkake with semen descriptions of commitment! It is!
· Moving! Realistic cross sectional view can be selected.
· Full erotic full elo voice!
· Heroine can be customized for your personal style and hairstyle.
· Real-time event that excites realism!
· Easy operation with keypad
-Gangbang being attacked by men
· Three handbills and blowjobs while being cunnily done
· Grinding position with bar restraint + Fucking
· Two-hole attack by normal position and woman on top + Licking blowjob
· Facial confidence while keeping it under the mangoli + Kenjyaki
· Two-hole stationary valve while hanging up with a rope
· Machine play by electric machine and machine restrained at the desk
… More Irahama too! Is it?
· 2 holes attack of toy and anal + foot breast attack
· Before and behind! Guillotine restraint
Various Bukkake is also available!

Only two people’s etch
Missionary Level, Blow Job, Tittie Fucking, Breast Side, Handjob, Backing, Anal, Licking Ona, Cowgirl
Continuous acme to the unrelenting offensive after the cum!
Some motion changes due to love or bitch!
Other 6 types of service that 4 girls are fiddled with
About more than 50 kinds of sushi foreage! It is!
☆ Story
The hero who transferred to the school whose parents are mother-in-law sister · koya.
A little night caught in a measure of Queen · Elena who dominates the school behind the scenes and became addicted to sex.
Serve obediently to Elena and help her or join himself on the side of falling down the night ….
A service & gangbang game set in a closed room after school.

1. Open “AHG.exe” ,
2. Play!
(optional) Uncensor
Copy the files from “Uncesor” into AHG_Data where you installed the game.
( I recommend you to make a back up of the original files )